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Lipari Foods expands recall of Premo and Fresh Grab sandwiches

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Photo source: FDA
Lipari Foods is expanding its earlier recall of Premo and Fresh Grab sandwiches to include all sandwiches with a Best By date of February 6, 2020 and earlier.

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

No illnesses have been reported to date.

The following items, which were shipped beginning December 20, 2019, are being recalled:

BrandProductLipari #SizeBest By DateUPC
PremoItalian Footlong Sandwich9964318oz.01/08/20-02/02/20612510093535
PremoTurkey & Cheese on a Pretzel Sub Bun9964287oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510094037
PremoHam & Cheese on a Hawaiian Bun9964256oz.01/02/20-01/27/20612510093511
PremoMeat Lovers Sub9708447oz.01/07/20-02/01/20612510093832
PremoBologna & Cheese Wedge Sandwich9202205oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510093306
PremoTuna Salad Wedge Sandwich9155795oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002049
PremoTuna Salad Wedge Sandwich2936725oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002049
PremoChicken & Swiss Cheese Sandwich9155725oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510003213
PremoChicken & Swiss Cheese Sandwich2080045oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510003213
PremoPub Burger with Cheese9155655oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510003015
PremoPub Burger with Cheese2079705oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510003015
PremoAsiago Italian Sub Sandwich9155586oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001196
PremoAsiago Italian Sub Sandwich2079196oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001196
PremoKing Club Footlong Sub Sandwich9155519oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001080
PremoHam & Provolone Sub Sandwich9155446oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001059
PremoHam & Provolone Sub Sandwich2078516oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001059
PremoTurkey & Swiss Cheese Sub Sandwich9155376oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001042
PremoTurkey & Swiss Cheese Sub Sandwich2078346oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001042
PremoChicken Salad Wedge Sandwich9155305oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002032
PremoChicken Salad Wedge Sandwich2077155oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002032
PremoEgg Salad Wedge Sandwich9155235oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002025
PremoEgg Salad Wedge Sandwich2076985oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002025
PremoTurkey & Cheese Wedge Sandwich9155165oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002018
PremoTurkey & Cheese Wedge Sandwich2076815oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002018
PremoHam & Cheese Wedge Sandwich9155095oz.01/12/20-2/06/20612510002001
PremoHam & Chipotle Mayo on Glazed Roll9154956oz.01/07/20-02/01/20612510088500
PremoHam & Chipotle Mayo on Glazed Roll2074566oz.01/07/20-02/01/20612510088500
PremoTurkey & Garlic Mayo on Split-Top Roll9154886oz.01/07/20-02/01/20612510088494
PremoTurkey & Garlic Mayo on Split-Top Roll2074556oz.01/07/20-02/01/20612510088494
Fresh GrabTurkey & Provolone with Garlic Mayo4559566oz.01/07/20-02/01/20612510090435
Fresh GrabHam & Cheddar with Chipotle Mayo4559396oz.01/07/20-02/01/20612510090428
Fresh GrabTuna Salad Wedge Sandwich2820225oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002049
Fresh GrabHam & Cheese on White Wedge Sandwich2534795oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510093962
Fresh GrabTurkey No Cheese Wedge Sandwich2534455oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002100
Fresh GrabChicken Salad Wedge Sandwich2533775oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002032
Fresh GrabEgg Salad Wedge Sandwich2529015oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002025
Fresh GrabTurkey & Cheese Wedge Sandwich2527825oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002018
Fresh GrabHam & Cheese Wedge Sandwich2526465oz.01/12/20-02/06/20612510002001
Fresh GrabChicken Buddies2525957oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510003602
Fresh GrabChicken Sandwich2525273.5 oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510007020
Fresh GrabHam & Cheese Sandwich252493

3.5 oz.

Fresh GrabChicken & Swiss Cheese Sandwich2522045oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510003213
Fresh GrabBreakfast Muffin2521536oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510003039
Fresh GrabSmoked Turkey Sandwich2518986oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510007204
Fresh GrabAsiago Italian Sub Sandwich25184760z.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001196
Fresh GrabClub Sub Sandwich2517966oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001165
Fresh GrabHam & Provolone Sub Sandwich2517456oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001059
Fresh GrabTurkey & Swiss Cheese Sub Sandwich2516946oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001042
Fresh GrabHam & Swiss on Pretzel Sub Bun2516266oz.01/09/20-02/03/20612510001028
PremoTurkey, Bacon, & Cheddar Ciabatta Sandwich2264426oz.01/07/20-02/01/20612510007815
PremoItalian Ciabatta Sandwich2263236oz.01/07/20-02/01/20612510007808
PremoPesto Chicken Ciabatta2262726oz.01/07/20-02/01/20612510007228

The recalled products were distributed exclusively by Lipari Foods to food service and retail stores throughout Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

What to do

Customers who purchased the recalled products should not consume them, but discard or return them to the place of purchase.

Consumers with questions may call (800) 729-3354, from 8:15 am – 4:30 pm (EST) Monday through Friday.

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