KFC is introducing 'Chizza' to America


Blackberry Lemonade is back, too

We’re probably a year or two away from chicken bran muffins and taco milkshakes, but KFC has decided that now’s the time for … Chizza!

Beginning Feb. 26 for a limited time, KFC is introducing to America what foodies in the Philippines, India, Thailand, and Mexico have been enjoying since 2015.

It's not pizza, it's Chizza: two 100% white meat Extra Crispy fried chicken filets topped with zesty marinara sauce, melty mozzarella cheese and crispy pepperoni. Anchovies didn’t make the cut, sorry.

"Fried chicken and pizza collaborated to create something even better – the Chizza," said Nick Chavez, CMO KFC U.S. "The fan-favorite mashup is finally available in the U.S. after making its way around the world – try it while you can!"


KFC's 242 E 14th St. restaurant in New York City is square one for the debut. That corner store will transform itself into a one-of-a-kind "Chizzeria" serving the Chizza exclusively! For free, visitors to the Chizzeria get the chance to try the Chizza before anyone else. But don't sweat, Peoria – Chizza is available to the rest of the country starting Monday, Feb. 26.

Blackberry Lemonade is also making a return visit. The soda combo will be temporarily available at KFC restaurants nationwide.

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