PhotoAdd Kellogg Co. to the ever-growing list of American food producers who, in 2015, announced plans to stop using artificial colorings and flavorings in its products.

Kellogg's, which makes snack bars and breakfast cereals under names including Quaker, Special K, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, and others, said yesterday that it intends to phase out all use of synthetic colors and flavors by 2018.

Artificial coloring on the way out

Since the start of 2015, at least four other major food producers have made similar promises. In February, the candy company Nestle USA said it would remove artificial flavors and “FDA-certified colors” from its products by the end of this year.

(In the United States, anytime you see “certified colors” or “certified coloring” mentioned in the context of a food-ingredients list, that's a synonym for “artificial,” because fake food colorings must be “certified” by the Food and Drug Administration.)

In April, Kraft promised to remove artificial dyes from its macaroni and cheese products by January 2016. In June, General Mills promised its entire portfolio of cereal products would be artificial-free by the end of 2017, and in July Campbell's Soup promised to quit using artificial colors and flavors by the end of 2018.

When Kellogg made the announcement yesterday, it said that 75% of its cereals sold on the North American market were already made without artificial dyes, and more than half without artificial flavors.

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