PhotoIt’s pretty tough to top a car that can drive itself, but they are making their way onto the highways and byways very soon. One carmaker is looking to become quite the innovator by utilizing some other high tech options.

Jaguar Land Rover is making roads a little safer by developing a mind-reading technology that can detect if a driver is distracted or tired.

Making roads safer

Jaguar is researching a technology called Mind Sense. The company says that the human brain emits brainwaves on four different frequencies, and that they can tap into them in order to detect if a driver is falling asleep at the wheel or not paying attention to the road.

While most modern brainwave monitoring systems use close-range sensors on a head band, the company is investigating a system based on technology used by NASA and the U.S. bobsled team. It uses sensors integrated into the steering wheel to detect and amplify brainwaves.

Scientists are still attempting to figure out how to not confuse background noise with brain waves, but there has been progress. If the system is able to recognize that a driver is not paying attention to the road, the steering wheel and pedals will vibrate to get the driver’s attention so that they can refocus.

The "good vibrations" company

There are also measures in place to stop speeding. If a driver exceeds the speed limit, an actuator at the top of the accelerator pedal arm will create a warning that the driver needs to hit the brakes and slow down.

Mood lighting and LED’s are also being implemented in a lot of Jaguar vehicles. They contribute to the Wellness Monitoring System, which uses a medical-grade sensor to track the driver’s stress levels and heart rate. After gathering information, it then adjusts the car’s mood lighting system, climate control, and audio volume to reduce stress on the driver. Really, who needs a spa anymore? It seems so passé.

Jaguar is really working on road safety by helping the consumer keep their eyes on the road and their mind active. They are quickly becoming the “good vibrations” automobile company. 

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