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Remember how they cloned Dolly the sheep? Some people have cloned their dogs as well. Now there's a new app that does almost the same thing. It won't actually clone your dog but it will be a very close second, at least in terms of looks.

It's called PetMatch and it lets you upload a picture of a dog or cat, or use one from its gallery. It then tries to find you a pet available for adoption that is the closest possible match to the one you posted, using patented image recognition technology.

PetMatch scans your photo, registering details like the shape of an animal's mouth, the distance between its eyes, its coloring and its general size and shape. Then it looks on and finds the closest matches in your area. The app is from a start up company called Superfish.

It hasn't mastered the craft of duplicating the exact look. If your picture you upload is blurry or shot at a weird angle there is no telling what it will say is a match. Tech news site The Verge claims a photo of Lady Gaga produced a "matching" image of a hamster.

So maybe it still needs a little fine tuning. So do lots of other things.

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