PhotoAre we officially living in the smart era? Some might say yes, because a lot of products are being made that fall under the same category as smartphones.

Like smart watches for example, that can send emails, update your social page and control your music. Or smart refrigerators that have LCD touch screens that tell you everything from the weather to how to prepare a meal.

But today, it doesn't stop there, as more and more products are made to make things easier for the consumer and to anticipate what the user is trying to do. 

Like The g Tar, made by the company Incident Technologies. 

Not only does it allow you to attach your iPhone directly to the body of the guitar, the strings have built-in sensors to help you learn how to play.

"It has a multi-touch fretboard that has an embedded LED display, along with an array of string sensors in the strings, so it can detect how you're playing and what you're trying to do," said Idan Beck, CEO of Incident Technologies, who demonstrated the g Tar at one of this year's Maker Faire events.

Plus, the g Tar comes with an app that lets you choose the level of difficulty that you want to use. And it comes with a bunch of songs that you can pick from and learn how to play.

"We have three different difficulty modes," said Beck. "In easy mode it doesn't actually care where you put your fingers, so I could be way off and as long as I hit the right strings, it'll play."

But in medium mode, Beck says you'll have to hit the right notes to play a particular song, and if you don't, the strings won't play at all -- forcing you to play each note correctly.

In addition, you can use the app to change the sound of your guitar. So if you select piano let's say, the strings will take on a piano sound, which is perfect for the band who may be an instrument or a musician short. 

Plug it in

And you can plug the g Tar into your computer too.

"Its got a USB midi doc, so it plugs in to applications like Ableton, Logic, GarageBand and you can actually use this to trigger samples and DJ and do a lot of things a traditional guitar can't do necessarily," said Beck.

PhotoThe smart guitar comes in black and white and goes for $399 and as far as the reviews, they're pretty favorable. But at almost $400, you might be better off learning the guitar the traditional way. Unless you have the money to spare, plus an iPhone.

Then you have the smart headphones made by the company Muzik, that allows you to post the songs you're listening to on your Facebook and Twitter page.

Muzik is calling the device the first "socially connected smart headphones," and CEO Jason Hardi said making them made perfect sense. "While the music industry has seen its challenges, technological advances have also created a world of opportunity, which Muzik is seizing to create an entirely new category," said Hardi.

"Headphones will never again just be for listening to music or talking on the phone. Our headphones will improve the way we socially discover, share, listen and experience music."

Send a song

Just like the g Tar, the smart headphones come with an app that's available for iPhones and Androids. And through the app, you can update everyone on what you're listening to. 

PhotoMoreover, the company says the headphones allow you to "send a song anywhere in the world" and they even suggest songs for you to listen to. And Hardi says he's not stopping there, because in the near future, he plans to introduce other smart phone features for the headphones. 

"In addition to music exploration, I look forward to working with the developer community to create amazing applications leveraging smart headphones space," he said. "So I began to design a headphone that would bring forth real connectivity and feature controls to the consumer."

There's no release date for the smart headphones yet and for some reason the company is keeping the price under wraps.

But I wouldn't expect them to be cheap, because once you hear the words "smart," "intelligent" or "intuitive" in the gadget world, you'd better believe you'll be paying a pretty hefty price.


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