PhotoIt sounds creepy to consider, but a security firm claims to have exploited vulnerabilities in all 11 of Samsung smart TV models, allowing it to take control of the devices' microphones and cameras.

A smart TV is a television set that is made for integration with the Internet. The devices allow more seamless viewing of Internet TV and streaming content, along with traditional broadcast television programming.

The company, ReVuln, says if it has figured out how to get access to consumers' TV sets to spy on them, hackers have probably figured it out as well.

But it might not be so simple and if a Samsung smart TV is sitting in your den, you don't have to assume you are being watched. In order for a hacker to get control of the device, they must first hack into the network the TV is using and know the IP address the device is using.

The TVs are vulnerable because they lack the same security features that protect computers connected to the Internet. Last year we reported that hackers had developed malware and worms that can infect your computer and take control of your Webcam. When you least expect it, your Webcam could be watching you.

Once in control of your PC, hackers can turn any attached camera on and off at will. ReVuln warns the same risk applies to Samsung's smart TVs. The company produced the video below to show how it is done.

ReVuln - The TV is watching you from ReVuln on Vimeo.

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