PhotoIs your dog an Ace, Charmer, Socialite, Expert, Renaissance Dog, Protodog, Einstein, Maverick or Stargazer? What, you may be asking? Well, these are all actual names for a personality type that dogs have been given. Read on to find out where your dog fits in.

The Dognition Assessment uses 20 games to determine a dog's level of empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning. People believing they have the world's smartest dog can see if their pet fits the bill on Nat Geo Wild's three-part series "Is Your Dog a Genius?" airing May 15-17. It sounds more entertaining than "Is your dog smarter than a 5th grader?"

"People will learn about and come to a new understanding of their best friends," said host Brian Hare, who helped develop the assessment as an associate professor of evolutionary anthropology and member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University in North Carolina.

It sounds interesting and everyone wants to feel like their dog has unique characteristics that sets them apart from other dogs. It costs $19 to take the assessment. For that you will get the list of games to play with your dog at You will record the results and Duke puts together your pet's profile.

A dog will be dubbed an Ace, Charmer, Socialite, Expert, Renaissance Dog, Protodog, Einstein, Maverick or Stargazer. 

No numbers

The dog's brain power isn't measured as it is with humans. "We don't deal in numbers," Hare said. "In the animal world, we recognize there are lots of kinds of intelligence, and they vary widely. You can be a genius in one area but not in another."

An example is the cup test. You may have seen this test on the street where someone puts a ball under the cup and they switch the cups around and you have to guess where the ball is. It’s similar.

Cups are overturned and a treat is put under the cup. You point to the empty cup and see where your pet goes. Both show a kind of genius: If your dog goes to the empty cup, he's good at following orders and bonding. If he goes the other, he's able to rely on his own devices - and gets the treat.

As long as my dogs are happy, wag their tails and give those great kisses, it doesn’t matter to me how smart they are.

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