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There is an article floating all over the Internet that has dog owners frozen on what to do. It's actually been circulating since 2007. It’s titled, “No Ice Water for Dogs Please Read ASAP.”

The article discusses a close call where the owner gave the show dog ice water and the dog nearly died because the cold water caused him to bloat. Bloating is a life threatening situation where the stomach will actually flip and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger, which can cause numerous problems.

Veterinary experts have dismissed the claims in the message as false. Bloat is a real condition and can certainly be very dangerous to dogs. But, there is no credible evidence to support the claim that ice water can cause the condition.

However, if your dog is super thirsty and drinks the ice water fast, it can lead to bloat. It's not the ice cubes causing the problem it's the fast pace of inhaling the water that causes bloat.

Moderation is key

So what about those ice cubes -- are they good for your dog? Well, yes, they can be in moderation. If you give a dog an ice cube they will chew it like food and that can be good for tarter on their teeth. Like anything, moderation is the key. An older dog or a puppy can crack its teeth on ice so you have to be careful -- give an older dog or puppy or even a smaller dog crushed ice.

It's so important in the summer months to keep your dog hydrated. Water is a staple for your pups and there is nothing better then cold water on a hot summer day. Just be careful they don't gulp it down too fast.

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