Intermittent fasting may help reduce the risk of metabolic disease, study finds

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Timing meals and snacks can have significant health benefits

A new study conducted by The Endocrine Society explored one of the benefits linked with practicing intermittent fasting

According to their report, eating all food and snacks within an eight- to 10-hour window can help reduce the risk of metabolic disease, including diabetes and heart disease. 

“People who are trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle should pay more attention to when they eat as well as what they eat,” said researcher Satchidananda Panda, Ph.D. “Time-restricted eating is an easy-to-follow and effective dietary strategy that requires less mental math than counting calories. Intermittent fasting can improve sleep and a person’s quality of life as well as reduce the risk of obesity.” 

Health benefits of intermittent fasting

The researchers analyzed prior studies, clinical data, and the science behind intermittent fasting to better understand the health benefits of time-restricted eating. 

Ultimately, they learned that sticking to an eight- to 10-hour window of eating all meals and snacks can be beneficial to a person's long-term metabolic health. They explained that eating in this way helps regulate hormone levels and gets the body’s internal clock back on track. 

In doing this, people are likely to reap the countless health benefits associated with intermittent fasting. The study showed that regularly following this method of eating can help to reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease. 

While it may not be an easy transition for consumers, the researchers explained that there are no dietary restrictions, and it can be a good way to be healthier long-term. 

“Eating at random times breaks the synchrony of our internal program and makes us prone to diseases,” said Dr. Panda. “Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle that anyone can adopt. It can help eliminate health disparities and lets everyone live a healthy and fulfilling life.” 

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