Inflation continued to cool at the grocery store in January


Prices of many items in the ConsumerAffairs Datasembly Shopping Cart stayed the same or fell

Inflation eased a bit at the grocery store in January. The ConsumerAffairs Datasembly Shopping Cart Index, based on 25 commonly purchased grocery items, rose just $0.67 from December.

But the Index was up $5.52 over January 2023. That's an annual increase of 3.6%.

Many grocery items didn't change much at all. Most of the increase can be traced to just three items.

The price of a 2-liter bottle of cola rose from $2.87 in December to $3.11 in January. It was $2.72  in January 2023.

A 30 oz. jar of mayonnaise cost $5.85 in December -- and in January 2023 -- but sold for $6.10 last month.

The price of a 16.3 oz. jar of peanut butter cost $3.31 in December but rose to $4.02 in January -- a 2.1% increase in just one month.

Meanwhile, the price of some items continued to fall. A 16 oz. package of bacon cost $7.84 last month, down from $8.26  in December. The price of a 12 oz. package of whole bean coffee last month was $12.56, down from $12.91 in December. It's down 1.2% from January 2023.

The Shopping Cart Index


Jan. 2023

Dec. 2023Jan. 2024
Penne Pasta 16 oz.$1.97$1.93$1.92
Select-a-size paper towels$21.34$21.57$21.49
White Albacore tuna in water 5oz.$2.32$2.26$2.26
Chicken noodle soup 10.75 oz.$1.40$1.42$1.42
Cola 2-liter bottle$2.72$2.87$3.11
Whole milk half-gallon$2.73$2.73$2.73
Whole bean coffee 12 oz.$14.41$12.91$12.56
Organic eggs one dozen$3.53$5.36$5.45
Waffles 10 ct. 12.3 oz.$3.12$3.17$3.18
Frosted donuts 8 ct.$5.25$5.27$5.28
Tomato ketchup 20 oz.$3.46$3.84$3.80
Mayonnaise 30 oz.$5.85$5.85$6.10
Honey Nut cereal 18.8 oz.$5.31$5.56$5.56
American cheese single 24 ct.$5.52$5.49$5.49
Salted butter 1 lb.$6.09$6.43$6.32
Classic potato chips 8 oz. bag$3.90$4.13$4.13
Honey wheat bread 20 oz.$3.49$3.79$3.79
Cookies 14.3 oz.$4.67$7.04$6.91
Bacon 16 oz.$8.44$8.26$7.84
Liquid dish detergent 46 oz.$5.57$5.59$5.59
Spring water 16.9 oz. 32 ct.$7.57$7.65$7.67
1000 sheet toilet paper 12 ct.$12.27$12.29$12.74
Peanut butter 16.3 oz.$2.97$3.31$4.02
White rice 32 oz.$5.14$5.19$5.20
Laundry detergent 96 oz.$13.13$13.07


Cart Totals$152.13$156.98


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