If you got illegal robocalls from DirecTV you could receive hundreds of dollars

Photo (c) Juan Moyano - Getty Images

The minimum payment from the class-action settlement is $324

Did you get some pesky telemarketing calls from DirecTV a few years ago? If you did, you’re in luck.

The TV provider has settled a class-action lawsuit filed in federal court in West Virginia, claiming DirecTV made illegal telemarketing calls to people whose numbers are registered on the National Do Not Call list. The company agreed to pay $16.85 million.

You are included in the settlement if your telephone number is one of 113,997 known numbers that received calls. 

And unlike many settlements in which wronged consumers get very little compensation, the law firm handling the settlement says eligible class members will receive at least $324, with an average payout of $461.

The plaintiffs in the suit said DirecTV violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which bars robocalls that use pre-recorded messages. The original plaintiff, who lives in West Virginia, initiated the action in 2017 after she said she was called several times, even though her number is on the National Do Not Call list.

How to find out if you’re eligible

You can easily find out if you are eligible for compensation. The settlement website has an automated phone number check here. You simply enter your phone number or numbers and the system will instantly tell you whether you have some money coming to you.

If you are eligible you can submit a claim here. Eligible class members may receive a postcard with a Notice ID that can be used to sign into the system. 

If your number is eligible under the settlement, you have until Aug. 7 to make a claim. The last hurdle will be a court hearing on Aug. 24, at which time the court will decide whether to finalize the settlement.

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