How to make a birthday memorable when you’re stuck at home

Stay-at-home birthdays might be more lowkey, but they can still be heartfelt and meaningful

Whatever your age may be, birthdays are a time to celebrate. Gifts, friends, good times and recognition is the key to a great birthday. Unfortunately, with our current situation, it may be hard to have a great birthday. So we put together this list of great ideas to make your birthday as memorable as all the others.

Throw a car birthday parade

This one takes some organization but is super fun. All you need to do is get family and friends to decorate their cars and drive by, parade-style, past the birthday person's house. It is up to you to make it memorable for that person, whether you want to honk or play their favorite song. We also like putting little flags on your car, so everyone knows you're in one big group celebrating your loved one's birthday.

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Communicate virtually

A face-to-face call is a great idea to connect with your friends and loved ones! There are many free apps you can use, and all you need to do is make sure the birthday recipient knows the time and the app you are using! This is also a great time to invest in an upgraded phone to stay in touch and make sure calls are as clear on your phone as they are in person.

facetime with family
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Deliver a beautiful bouquet

A more traditional idea is to send the birthday person flowers. There are many arrangements to choose from, and you can even pick flowers or a fun plant. Choose balloons, food items and a great card to accompany your gift.

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Put up creative yard signs

If you are looking to do something a bit different, why not decorate the birthday person's lawn? There are a variety of signs to choose from, as well as services that will do it for you! If you purchase blank yard signs, you can decorate them however you want, and it's an excellent activity for kids!

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Chalk their driveway

If you want to show off your creative side, all you need is a little chalk and some time. Why not decorate your birthday person's driveway with a unique piece of artwork created by you? It is something that the birthday person won't expect, and they will appreciate the kind gesture.

sidewalk chalk
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Compile a recorded message from friends and family

Our last idea for you takes a bit more time than the rest. Make a list of special people and call each one to record a message for the birthday person. Your friend or loved one will truly appreciate the time and thoughtful nature of this gift.

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