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Avoid these 9 huge mistakes people make when moving

We have some great advice that will help your moving experience

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Moving can be a nightmare! Carefully packing your entire life into boxes and bags is complicated and time-consuming. However, you can avoid a worst-case scenario with focus and a bit of planning. Here’s how you can dodge some common moving mistakes.

1. Never wait until the last minute

Some of us procrastinate far too long, but every day you don’t pack for a move is one less day you can use to spread out the hard work! Avoid the pitfall of waiting too long to pack by starting to organize your possessions at least a week before your move-out day. Start with things you use the least — like seasonal items — and work your way down to your everyday products.

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2. Don’t overpack big boxes

For your back’s sake, don’t pack all your books in one giant box. Instead, use smaller boxes to pack heavier things and larger boxes to pack light things, such as blankets, pillows and wall art. This makes it much easier once you start to move your boxes.

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3. Avoid impulse hiring

Don't feel pressured to hire the first moving company you find during your search. When choosing a mover, pay attention to your budget, read trusted reviews and check all the companies’ credentials and certifications. Professional movers know the best way to handle a move and have the right tools to ensure your items stay safe during transit.

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4. No sloppy or incorrect labeling

Don't go through all the trouble of packing only to forget to label your boxes! Carefully mark the box with its respective room placement, so you know where to put it once you reach your new home. For extra clarity, list what the box contains.

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5. Get the right insurance

Don’t forget to make sure all your carefully packed items are covered by moving insurance. Ask if your home insurance covers moving your items to a new home. If not, check to see if your mover offers insurance as part of its package.

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6. Change your mailing address

Don't forget to change your address! The U.S. Postal Service has a simple online form you can complete to change your address and forward or hold your mail. However, check that you have updated your info on all of your bank accounts, credit cards and anything else, so you don't miss an important bill or letter.

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7. Keep a separate suitcase for necessities

Rather than packing your shampoo, toothpaste and phone chargers in boxes, keep a suitcase out for your essential items and some outfits. The last thing you want to do is search through dozens of boxes when all you need are your socks! Unpacking might also take longer than expected, so pack everything you need for a few days.

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8. Buy more supplies than you think you need

Better you have too much bubble wrap then need it and have none left. Be sure to gather enough packing materials, especially newspapers, used boxes and bubble wrap. You will use more of these items than you might think, so always get extra for those last few items you forgot to pack.

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9. Don’t forget to say goodbye

Moving somewhere new is a huge step. You’ll be leaving behind memories and a community. Take the time to say goodbye to your old home and the people in your neighborhood. Throw a Zoom dinner party, send out some goodbye cards to friends or have one last coffee by the window.

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Moving is a hassle, but it can be a stress-free process with some preparation and organization. Don’t be afraid to throw things away as you move. Our moving company guide gives more information and company recommendations for your next big relocation.

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