Here are the best states to buy a used car


It might be worth it to travel to find the best deal

Finally, used car prices are starting to fall. The January Consumer Price Index (CPI) shows the cost of used cars declined 3.4% since December.

However, the price you will pay for the same model used car or truck can vary widely, depending on where you live. Data compiled by show there is a $10,000 difference in the price of a used car between the cheapest and most expensive states.

“Price is ultimately a reflection of supply versus demand, with smaller New England states like New Hampshire and Vermont having plenty of used cars relative to their populations,” Karl Brauer, executive analyst at, told ConsumerAffairs. “The opposite is true in many central and western states, with too many buyers and not enough vehicles to go around.”

Taxes also play a role the cost of a vehicle. States with low sales taxes can reduce the cost by several hundred dollars on an expensive vehicle.

But can you actually shop for a used car or truck in another state? If you can save thousands of dollars, you can. And you don’t have to travel to that state to complete the purchase. An auto transport service can deliver the vehicle to your driveway.

How the states rank

Here is how all 50 states rank when it comes to average used car prices.

1.Vermont$31,44526. Utah$34,580
2. New Hampshire$31,83327. Tennessee$34,658
3. Ohio$32,26728. North Carolina$34,725
4. Hawaii$32,38129. Nevada$34,859
5. Rhode Island$32,78930. South Carolina$35,015
6. Delaware$32,92431. Texas$35,061
7. Indiana$32,93632. Nebraska$35,064
8. Connecticut$32,99133. New Mexico$35,189
9. Pennsylvania$33,09734. Illinois$35,217
10. Massachusetts$33,23235. Colorado$35,269
11. New York$33,24636. Kansas$35,323
12. Maryland$33,37737. Oklahoma$35,509
13. Missouri$33,59638. Oregon$35,556
14. Michigan$33,59739. Iowa$35,750
15. Virginia$33,72440. California$35,759
16. Maine$33,75841. Louisiana$35,893
17. Minnesota$33,75842. Georgia$36,016
18. West Virginia$33,76143. Washington$36,119
19. New Jersey$33,93644. Arkansas$36,343
20. Wisconsin$34,01845. Idaho$37,092
21. Mississippi$34,13046. South Dakota$37,192
22. Kentucky$34,17647. North Dakota$37,773
23. Alabama$34,20648. Montana$38,943
24. Arizona$34,41349. Alaska$40,462
25. Florida$34,51950. Wyoming$41,405

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