PhotoGun TV, a home shopping network for guns, has signed off, at least for now. The channel's co-founder, Valerie Castle, vows it will be back but won't say just when.

Based in Palm Springs, Calif., Gun TV went on the air less than a year ago, billing itself as iTunes for guns, ammo, holsters, and accessories. It was carried in Verizon Fios and numerous other cable systems, but some industry observers say that it never reached critical mass.

In an email to the Desert Sun newspaper, the "fully loaded" channel said it was "pulling back on operations" while researching its distribution options.

When the channel launched in January 2016, critics noted the unfortunate timing, just a few weeks after the horrific shooting that killed 14 people in nearby San Bernardino. But Gun TV said that, far from contributing to the proliferation of guns, it would be a force for safety and training for gun enthusiasts.

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