Grocery prices fell slightly in December


The ConsumerAffairs Datasembly Shopping Cart Index was lower than in November

There was good news for grocery shoppers in December. The cost of groceries, as measured by the ConsumerAffairs Datasembly Shopping Cart Index, declined from November but remains above the December 2022 level.

The index tracks price movements of 25 commonly-purchased grocery products, including both food and non-food items. In December 2022, the 25 items cost $155.34. 

In December 2023, the index totaled $156.98, down from $157.19 the month before, a decline of less than 1%.

The December index would have been significantly lower if not for one item -- a 14.3 oz. package of cookies. The sweets rose in price from $5.67 in November to $7.04 in December, a jaw-dropping 24% increase. The price of that package of cookies is up 53% over December 2022.

Otherwise, price movements were fairly tame. The price of paper towels declined 1% from November to December.

Coffee prices continue to fall. A 12 oz. bag of whole-bean coffee cost $12.91 last month, nearly 2% less than the month before.

The Shopping Cart Index


Dec. 2022

Nov. 2023Dec. 2023
Penne Pasta 16 oz.$1.98$1.92$1.93
Select-a-size paper towels$21.37$21.85$21.57
White Albacore tuna in water 5oz.$2.33$2.26$2.26
Chicken noodle soup 10.75 oz.$1.40$1.41$1.42
Cola 2-liter bottle$2.70$2.87$2.87
Whole milk half-gallon$2.73$2.73$2.73
Whole bean coffee 12 oz.$15.25$13.14$12.91
Organic eggs one dozen$6.16$5.32$5.36
Waffles 10 ct. 12.3 oz.$3.11$3.16$3.17
Frosted donuts 8 ct.$5.25$5.26$5.27
Tomato ketchup 20 oz.$3.43$3.86$3.84
Mayonnaise 30 oz.$5.82$5.86$5.85
Honey Nut cereal 18.8 oz.$5.30$5.56$5.56
American cheese single 24 ct.$5.51$5.49$5.49
Salted butter 1 lb.$6.07$6.42$6.43
Classic potato chips 8 oz. bag$3.89$4.12$4.13
Honey wheat bread 20 oz.$3.49$3.79$3.79
Cookies 14.3 oz.$4.60$5.67$7.04
Bacon 16 oz.$8.60$8.82$8.26
Liquid dish detergent 46 oz.$5.56$5.59$5.59
Spring water 16.9 oz. 32 ct.$7.52$7.59$7.59
1000 sheet toilet paper 12 ct.$12.23$12.92$12.29
Peanut butter 16.3 oz.$2.96$3.31$3.31
White rice 32 oz.$5.14$5.21$5.19
Laundry detergent 96 oz.$12.99$13.06


Cart Totals$155.34$157.19


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