PhotoLetting natural energy sources lend a hand can help homeowners save money on their energy bills. But while you may have the will to install solar panels, you might be in the dark about how to acquire them.

Google wants to use its wealth of maps, data, and computing resources to shed some light on the wonderful world of solar energy.

With Project Sunroof, homeowners can calculate the best solar plan for their property. The online tool can "help you calculate your roof's solar energy potential, without having to climb up any ladders," wrote Carl Elkin, Engineering Lead for Project Sunroof.

Estimate and next steps

After plugging in your address, the online platform will show you how much sun your roof gets. The tool can then answer all your burning questions about the project itself, such as how big of an installation would be most practical, how much it would cost, and how much money it could save you annually.

After you’ve gotten a better understanding of your home’s solar potential, Project Sunroof can help you get the ball the rolling.

Based on your electricity usage and other factors, the tool can provide a more accurate cost estimate. From there, homeowners have the option of being put in touch with local solar installers.

Project Sunroof is now available in 42 states, Cleantechnica reports. While Google plans to roll out the service to every state in the U.S. soon, the platform is not yet available in Hawaii, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Idaho, Tennessee, Alaska, Mississippi, or the District of Columbia.

Save on future repairs

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