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Google says it has offset its carbon legacy

The company did so through the purchase of ‘high-quality carbon offsets’

Photo (c) IGphotography - Getty Images
In a blog post on Monday, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said his company has offset its entire “carbon legacy.” 

The company said it has purchased enough “high-quality carbon offsets” to eliminate the emissions produced by its campuses and data centers prior to becoming carbon neutral in 2007. Pichai said Google’s latest action brings its net carbon footprint to zero as of today.

The executive vowed to have Google running on completely carbon-free energy everywhere, at all times, by 2030. 

"This is our biggest sustainability moonshot yet, with enormous practical and technical complexity. We are the first major company that's set out to do this, and we aim to be the first to achieve it," Pichai said.

Aiming for a carbon-free future 

The CEO noted that Google is the “first major company to make a commitment to operate on 24/7 carbon-free energy.” 

“This is far more challenging than the traditional approach of matching energy usage with renewable energy, but we’re working to get this done by 2030,” Pichai said. 

Google also announced that it will bring five gigawatts worth of carbon-free energy to its key manufacturing regions by 2030. The move should help hundreds of cities shift toward greener power. 

The company is also helping commercial building and data center owners use artificial intelligence to reduce heating and cooling costs. Google said the technology enabled it to reduce energy consumption at its own data centers by 30 percent.

“We’re optimistic that by harnessing new technologies, investing in the right infrastructure and tools, and empowering partners, nonprofits and people, this can be the most decisive decade for climate action yet,” Pichai concluded. “We’re proud to do our part, and to help move the world closer to a carbon-free future for all.”

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