Google releases critical fix for Chrome users

Photo (c) ymgerman - Getty Images

Hackers may be able to infiltrate a user’s computer if the update is not applied

Heads up, Google Chrome users! A bug of the worst kind has been discovered lurking in Chrome, one that’s being exploited by hackers worldwide.

To address the issue, Google released a “Stable Channel Update for Desktop” earlier this week. Updating a user’s Chrome browser software with that fix will bring Chrome to version 104.0.5112.102/101 on Windows and version 104.0.5112.101 on Mac and Linux operating systems. 

This is the second major warning Google has had to send to Chrome users in the last four months.

Mashable reports that the update is designed to be automatically installed on a user’s Chrome browser, but if it hasn't, they can initiate the update by going to Chrome's "About" menu. The report notes that the issue being patched may be tied to stopping malicious websites from “executing arbitrary code on your machine, among other problems.”

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