Google extends free ‘unlimited’ version of Google Meet until June

Photo (c) Poike - Getty Images

The move will help consumers meet virtually with family and friends and work from home a little bit longer

Google has decided against imposing a 60-minute time limit on its free version of Google Meet, which previously would have gone into effect on April 1. Consumers don’t need to worry about the decision being an April Fool’s prank. The company officially tweeted out that until June 30, 2021, users can host calls up to 24 hours long -- or what Google refers to as “unlimited.”

The company says it continues to be sensitive to the pandemic’s impact on working remotely and communicating with loved ones. The change marks the second time Google has lifted a proposed time restrictions since the pandemic began. 

Working from home continues

Consumers who use Google Meet for work should be happy about the extension, but some workers may not have to hold virtual meetings for too much longer. 

Companies across the U.S. are starting to consider when they will have employees return to physical offices. Wells Fargo recently announced that it will be aiming to have its employees return to offices by September. 

If you’re looking for ways to stay productive while working from home lasts, check out ConsumerAffairs’ guide here.

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