Google blocks ‘The Great Suspender’ extension due to malware

Photo (c) Angelo D'Amico - Getty Images

Users have found a workaround to restore tabs that were lost, but the process is tedious

Google has blocked a popular Chrome extension called “The Great Suspender” because it was found to contain malware. 

On Thursday, Chrome users with the extension installed started seeing a message that read: “[The Great Suspender] has been disabled because it contains malware.” Google has also pulled the extension from its Chrome Web Store. 

The Great Suspender was previously a helpful tool that would automatically force any tabs that users hadn’t looked at in a while to go to “sleep,” which helped conserve memory and keep the browser moving quickly. 

Now that the extension is gone, Reddit users have found a way to get tabs back, however the process is somewhat tedious. There are also a few extensions that work similarly to The Great Suspender, including Session Buddy and OneTab. Users can also keep their browser running quickly by simply limiting the number of tabs that are open.

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