Free Squishmallows begin Dec. 26 at McDonald's

ConsumerAffairs -- photo courtesy of McDonald's

QR codes, playlists, different characters in different markets – this could get crazy

One of the most popular toys of the year is coming to McDonald’s, believe it or not.

On their way to selling 30 million units in this last quarter of 2023, Squishmallows are the Cabbage Patch Kids of this generation of youngsters and they will be available as a "free" toy inside McDonald's Happy Meals, beginning December 26, and while supplies last.

“Iconic Squishmallow characters — like Cam and Fifi — will be a part of the lineup, as well as everyone’s favorite McDonaldland character and purple bestie — Grimace!” according to the fast food chain.

“And that’s not all — there’s a surprise mystery character that select fans may uncover when they open their Happy Meal toy.”

Parents should bring along their earplugs because each character comes with a unique playlist based on its personality. All families have to do to access each Squishmallow’s playlist is scan the QR code on the Happy Meal box.

Menu choices

Parents will have three choices of Happy Meals to choose from, all priced somewhere between $4.29 and $4.98, but could be cheaper if ordered on McD’s app.

  • Hamburger Happy Meal: a basic hamburger with a side of fries, apple slices, and a choice of drink

  • 4-Piece McNugget Happy Meal: 4-piece nuggets plus fries, apple slices, and a choice of drink

  • 6-Piece McNugget Happy Meal: 6-piece nuggets plus sides of fries, apple slices, and choice of drink

Parents should also be prepared to drive to different McDonald’s locations in neighboring towns if Squishmania gets out of hand. That’s because there are 24 iconic Squishmallows plush toys altogether, but only 10-12 designs per each participating market. So, if your kid has their heart on collecting them all, keep your car gassed up because you might be going on a Squish hunt.

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