PhotoIn Russia they have a superstition which says it's good luck if a cat is first to enter your home. I suppose it's a good thing it's not a pig or some big horse. Let's face it superstitions aren't something invented last week they are years in the making, so it could have been some kind of farm animal.

A Russian bank is taking that superstition to the bank so to speak and capitalizing on it by offering to loan a cat to customers who obtain a mortgage for a new home.

It's the biggest bank in Russia -- Sberbank. Here is how it works: Customers are invited to choose from 10 cats, including Apricot the ginger tabby, Toffee the Siamese and a hairless Sphynx cat called Kuzma.

A video on the bank’s website shows clients cheering the animals tentatively stepping over the threshold and delivery vans marked with cat logos driving around the streets of Moscow.


Now before you cat lovers call your favorite animal rights group to protest, you don't really think a bank would give anything away do you? No, the cats are loaned out for two hours at a time.

That's just enough time to cross the threshold of the house say a quick meow and move on back to their owners who just happen to be employees of the bank.

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