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Ford recalls model year 2016-17 Lincoln MKXs

The battery cable could overheat or melt

Photo source: Lincoln
Ford Motor Company is recalling about 60,000 model year 2016-17 Lincoln MKXs with 3.7-liter engines.

The battery cable harness may have substandard clearance, which could allow the harness to contact the transmission shifter cable bracket.

Contact between the battery cable harness and the transmission shifter cable bracket could wear through the insulation of the cable, resulting in the cable shorting to ground, increasing the risk of overheated or melted wiring, as well as fire.

What to do

Ford will notify owners, and dealers will remove the four battery harness clips at the battery tray and one elbow guide, then install a wire channel shield and protective sleeve to the battery cable harness free of charge

Owners may contact Ford customer service at (866) 436-733. Ford's reference number for this recall is 19S41.

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