Food prices and availability have changed from last year’s Super Bowl. Will consumers be able to get what they want?

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Want a really good deal? Pork butts are one

The 2023 Super Bowl is barely more than a week away and unlike the last couple of years, consumers will have an easier time getting some of the prime food favorites for Super Bowl Sunday – and be able to save money, too.

FoodMarket is reporting that advertisements from grocery stores are already showcasing deals on party essentials. Following up on that, ConsumerAffairs did indeed find Albertsons, Aldis, and Target featuring promotional deals on items like deli trays, cheese and crackers, and wine and beer. 

But what about chicken wings?

However, while there’s plenty of chicken wings to go around – and plenty of mouths ready for their return to the fold – the deals on wings aren’t quite as robust. 

Matt Busardo, poultry market reporter at Urner Barry said that even though demand for wings has picked up and processors and distributors seem to be ready for the onslaught, nationwide promotions aren’t happening on a large scale.

"Our jumbo whole wing quotes have moved over 20% higher since the start of the year,” added Busardo. Urner Barry's East jumbo whole wing quotation is currently situated at $.93 per pound. This is a staggering 65% decline from last year's record-high levels. 

As for non-chicken protein, there’s plenty to be had as well, not to mention a few discounted price points.

For example, meat grinds (burgers, sausages, hot dogs, etc.) is up a tad (1.4%) so far this year, but down 12% from a year ago. This might not make Chiefs fans drool, but lower the price of a cheesesteak in front of an Eagles fan and that’s a touchdown waiting to happen.

Philly cheesesteak

"A typical Philly cheesesteak sandwich is made from thinly sliced ribeyes. Ribeyes posted a stronger than expected rally into the new year, combined with a better than expected grade picture, select and no-roll ribeyes are finding contra seasonal support," said Todd Unger, a boxed beef market researcher at Urner Barry. 

Urner Barry's 112A 3 Lip-On, Boneless Up Select quote is $7.73 per hundredweight, down from $8.03 for Super Bowl LVI. 

Nonetheless, Kansas City fans aren’t completely left out because finger foods like ribs could be an affordable selection.

"While pulled pork is the main item seeing Super Bowl demand, ribs are seeing moderate demand," noted Ryan Hojnowski, a pork market reporter and analyst at Urner Barry. 

Urner Barry's trimmed sparerib medium quotation sits at $1.27 per pound, down nearly 21% from last year's level. 

"Pork butts are definitely the biggest beneficiary from the Super Bowl so far," added Ryan Hojnowski. At present, Urner Barry's pork butt 1/4 trimmed quote resides at $1.01 per pound, 13.5% higher than the prior five-year average.

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