PhotoMozilla has released a security patch for the Firefox browser after a  serious vulnerability was discovered "in the wild."

"A Firefox user informed us that an advertisement on a news site in Russia was serving a Firefox exploit that searched for sensitive files and uploaded them to a server that appears to be in Ukraine," Firefox security lead Daniel Veditz said in a blog posting.

Veditz said the vulnerability allows malicious attackers to use some JavaScript magic to “search for and upload potentially sensitive” data from your hard drive to their servers.

"The exploit leaves no trace it has been run on the local machine. If you use Firefox on Windows or Linux it would be prudent to change any passwords and keys. ... People who use ad-blocking software may have been protected from this exploit depending on the software and specific filters being used," he said.

Mozilla is asking all Firefox users to upgrade immediately. Instructions are on Mozilla's support page. You will supposedly see this when you do so successfully:




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