PhotoA silicon valley startup is aimed at people with more money than time -- or maybe they just don't like the smell of gasoline fumes.

Filld is an iPhone app that's being compared to Uber. Except that, instead of coming to pick you up like Uber, Filld comes to wherever your car happens to be and fills it with fuel.

The company is the brainchild of Scott Hempy and Christopher Aubuchon and for now, is limited to the Silicon Valley area.

Customers download the Filld app and register. Then, when they want to top off their gas tank, they open the app and tap on their location.

Whether their car is parked at the office or in their driveway overnight, the Filld truck pulls up and fills the tank with gas. The bill goes on their credit card.

$5 delivery charge

Just how much is the bill? The company says the cost per gallon of fuel is based on the average price at area gas stations. It then adds on a $5 delivery charge that, admittedly doesn't seem excessive but can quickly ratchet up the price per gallon. Buy just 10 gallons and it adds 50 cents a gallon to the price.

But after all, this service is being offered in Silicon Valley, where, quite frankly, people who work in the tech industry don't worry much about the cost of gasoline. Not having to pull into a gas station and fill up yourself might be well worth an extra $5.

Does Filld have a future outside very affluent areas? Hemp and Aubuchon believe it does. According to Business Insider, the company has just secured more than $3 million in venture capital to expand to neighborhoods around San Francisco.

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