FDA cracks down on Puff Bar vaping products

Photo (c) Jason Finn - Getty Images

The products escaped regulatory action on flavored e-cigarettes earlier this year

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is clamping down on a company selling a kind of fruity disposable e-cigarette product called Puff Bar e-cigarettes, which are popular among teenagers.

In warning letters to the manufacturer of Puff Bar vapes and nine other companies, the FDA said Puff Bar e-cigarettes -- which come in “youth-appealing” flavors like mango, pink lemonade, and strawberry -- must be pulled from the market within 15 business days. 

The FDA said the companies never received permission to sell the products in the United States. 

"We are concerned about the popularity of these products among youth and want to make clear to all tobacco product manufacturers and retailers that, even during the ongoing pandemic, the FDA is keeping a close watch on the marketplace and will hold companies accountable," FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn said in a statement

Similar to Juul products

The agency added that it’s continuing to take action against companies selling unauthorized e-cigarette products, even in the midst of the pandemic. 

“These warning letters are the result of ongoing internet monitoring for violations of tobacco laws and regulations,” said Mitch Zeller, J.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products. 

The FDA’s action closes a loophole it left earlier this year when it cracked down on flavored e-cigarettes. Disposable vaping products like Puff Bar are similar to Juul products, but Puff Bar vaping products somehow evaded the FDA’s ban. 

The agency warned the companies that received letters that failure to correct violations could result in further action, such as civil money penalties, seizure, or injunction.

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