PhotoFor some people fashion is everything to the point where new designs and styles are anticipated like summer time in mid-January.

To others, fashion has nothing to do with clothes; it’s something that fancy people are into, and for a good portion of folks their extent of being fashionable is maybe buying a new pair of shoes once the old ones are too mangled to wear.

With some men it’s even worse.

Somewhere between buying a bunch of new clothes for that first “real” job they get and working at that same job for years, the normal uniform becomes a white shirt and khakis or slacks.

So much so that these items go from work clothes to everyday clothes and there seems to be no effort to changing attires or adjusting looks to fit specific events.

A clear sign that a guy is completely unconcerned with what he's wearing is when you see him at each social event dressed “office casual” instead of dressing for the occasion at hand, because let’s face it, a white button up and khakis isn’t the best way to go for every social situation.

In the know

But for those people who are into fashion, now is truly a great time, because not only has higher-end fashion become more accessible to average consumers through technology, that same technology has allowed people to join communities of fashionistas, designers and retailers to stay in the know of different styles and exchange fashion ideas.

And just as in many industries today, consumers are staying tuned-in through smartphone applications, as there seem to be a million of them on the market right now.

PhotoBut which apps are the best? Which apps are able to keep consumers abreast of different designs around the world and which ones are able to keep up in a technological sense with the extremely fast pace of fashion? After all, we all know how ever-changing the trends in clothes, shoes and apparel can be.

Right now, Pose is a pretty hot app in the tech world, as it currently has millions of devoted users, reports show.

Have you ever known someone who had a fashion sense that you liked or admired and wished you could regularly communicate with that person for inspiration and ideas?

If you have, then Pose might be the app for you, as it lets you view a feed of people you're following, and you can see posted photos of their fashion  items.

Once you click on an item, you can “love” it, which is similar to a Facebook “like” and choose to comment on that photo, discuss it with others and find out where you might be able to purchase that item.

In addition, Pose handpicks a group of fashion tastemakers people can follow to discuss style ideas with and stay properly informed. The app lets you post your own photos of fashion ideas to inspire somebody else if you choose as well.

A matter of style

And speaking of inspiration, has been giving fashion and design news since the website launched back in 2000.

PhotoJust like the site, the app is pretty much a hub for everything fashion--from style and trend updates from places like London, Milan, New York and Paris, to being able to view live runway shows from different cities around the globe. And just like any decent fashion app worth its weight, the Style app will keep you up to date with all of the celebrity fashions worn on red carpets and star studded events

Basically, if you’re a person who likes to get fashion updates up to the minute, the Style app should definitely be downloaded.

 The TrendTracker app from the fashion site works in a similar way, as it gives users constant updates on various areas of fashion, whether it’s high-end catwalk styles to those highly coveted fashion items that you see people wearing on the street.

In addition, the TrendStop app keeps users in the loop with fashion news and design updates and allows them to share whatever they find with Facebook and Twitter friends.

The creators of the app say they just added over 80 high resolution videos of the latest fashion shows from different parts of the world, and you access about 3500 fashion photos to give you all the creative motivation you’ll need, whether you’re a designer yourself or you just like to dress in the latest and trendiest get-ups.

Whole cloth

The app called Cloth allows you to post, share and save fashion photos as well, but what’s different about this app is its weather component that lets users tag their outfits according to the current climate or weather forecast.


So if it’s raining one day and you need an idea of what to wear to keep warm and dry but still fashionable, you can digitally search through your wardrobe by the tags you created, so there’s no guesswork involved in either dressing for the weather or looking good.

Cloth is really for those people who tend to pre-organize their outfits for the upcoming day or week, as the app will allow you to see everything you have through your phone and organize outfits according to the forecast, which is great if you have a closet full of clothes and  can't remember everything you have. 

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