PhotoWhen you leave your home at night, leaving a TV set on can be a deterrent against a burglary. Burglars prefer an unoccupied house and seeing the flickering light in the window from the street might encourage them to look for another target.

But leaving your TV set on wastes electricity and if you make a habit of it, will affect your utility bill. And with all the problems with flat screen TVs, it's not advisable to leave it on when no one is watching it.

So a group of entrepreneurs at Hydreon Corporation came up with FakeTV, an LED light that mimics the flicker of a television screen. Because it's an LED light, it uses very little energy.

Anybody in there?

From outside the house, FakeTV makes it look like someone must be home watching TV. So, Fake TV acts as burglar repellent. And at $35, it's a fairly inexpensive one.

This isn't the first low-cost product that has been offered to scare away would-be burglars. There was a barking dog recording that played every few seconds; not exactly something to endear you to the neighbors.

So instead of sounds to suggest someone is occupying the dwelling, FakeTV uses light. The device itself is small, no larger than a motorcycle headlight.

It simulates scene and color changes, fades and on-screen motion. It has a built-in light sensor and timer, so you can decide when you want it to come on.

Though small in size, the light produces the equivalent to a 27 inch LCD HDTV. Electricity consumption, the company says, is equivalent to a night light.

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