Facebook and Instagram suffered brief blackouts

Sollen Feyissa - UnSplash

Meta says the outage was during to a ‘technical issue’

Facebook and Instagram, two social media platforms owned by Meta suffered outages this week. A company spokesman said the glitch was a “technical issue” and it was resolved within two hours.

It comes on the heels of another communication outage when AT&T Wireless lost service for several hours in late February. The two outages appear to be unrelated.

Outage detector Downdetector reported the outage and said it appeared to affect about 500,000 users. The outage affecting Instagram was about 10% of that total.

Some Facebook users reported getting messages saying they had been logged out of their accounts. Some users found they could not upload new posts, to either Facebook or Instagram.

The Downdetector chart below shows the outages spiked around 11:00 a.m. ET but quickly recovered by the afternoon.

PhotoMost of the reported problems had to do with the inability to log into accounts. About 17% of the reported problems concerned the app.

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