PhotoCats are known for their independence. This attractive trait is why many people want a cat as a pet. But it can really be hard to know if a cat will fit your personality and bond with you. One good clue might be the cat's face.

Arden Moore, is the author of "Fit Cat: Tips & Tricks to Give Your Pet a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life” (Firefly Books, $19.95) and contends that “cat face geometry is one of the best tools for matching a cat to a person.”

This theory seems to be especially helpful if you have a mixed-breed cat because it may have combined traits that make it harder to predict its personality. Moore identifies these three basic face types:

A nice round circular face: Persian, or Himalayan type.

The characteristics of these cats: Very quiet and are spooked easily by a loud noise or even a knock at the door. Some call them library cats because of their quiet demeanor. They are shy and like to cuddle.  An in your pocket type cat as they will never leave your side. They are extremely loyal.

Best human companion type: You love a good book and there is no better place to sit then on the couch with your furry friend by your side. Your commitment list is low and your feline is very high on your priority list.

Such a square: Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest

This cat type is anything but square. It falls into the social butterfly category. You can count on this cat to be friends with everyone from the family dog to your kids and all of their friends. They tend to be very confident.

Best human companion type: You aren't an extreme overachiever. You have a solid dependable schedule. You are family oriented and share your home with a dog, spouse and kids. You live a stable structured life style.

All the angles of a triangle: Abyssinian, Siamese, Burmese

These are the nimble cats, they tend to be the "jocks" of the cat world. These cats are the most vocal. If you want to impress your friends, this is the cat to pull out to do tricks. This isn't the cat to share a bowl of popcorn with and watch a movie. This cat is a mover and a shaker.

Best human companion type: Your work schedule is more erratic. You might put long hours in one day and be home early the next. There isn't a party that you don't like. In fact you may be hosting many of the parties at your house with your cat as the co-host and entertaining the guests.

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