FAA warns of drone registration scam

An official registration program isn't even set up yet

Scam artists sometimes get ahead of themselves. Take the ones claiming they can help you register your drone.

While it's true that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is working on a registration program for unmanned aircraft, it doesn't exist yet, so there's no need to pay someone to help you register your drone.

And, says the FAA, once the program is in place, it's not likely that drone owners will need help filling out the registration form.

The FAA didn't specify which drone "registration" scam it was talking about, but we found something called the "Drone National Registry," which is offering to register drones for a fee of $25.

Since there is currently no registration program, chances are that $25 is better off staying in your checking account, the FAA advises. 

"Owners should wait until additional details about the forthcoming drone registration system are announced later this month before paying anyone to do the work for them," the FAA said.  

Days away

The Task Force assigned to provide FAA Administrator Michael Huerta with recommendations on the registration process is still days away from delivering its report.

Speaking to the task force two weeks ago, Huerta told the group to provide guidance on a streamlined unmanned aircraft registration process that will be simple and easy to complete, and which types of drones would need to be registered and which would not. 

The task force agreed and is working on recommendations for a system that is similar to registering any newly purchased product with its manufacturer as well as a minimum weight for unmanned aircraft that must be registered. 

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