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We all have stuff we see every single day and don't think about because they are common household items, or they're things that just stay in their place without moving.

But many of these things need to move because they can be dangerous to your health the longer they sit. Most have an expiration date but for some reason we just don't really notice.

Here are some of the most notable:

The sponge

The dishwasher is there but it's so much easier to use the sponge and it saves a ton of electricity. Better watch that sponge though if you have had it more than a month, it's a germ collector. You can clean your sponge in the microwave but do it within a month. You should pretty well know by the smell and the touch when it's time.

The liquor cabinet

Unlike wine, once liquor is bottled it stops aging. So that 12-year-old Scotch you bought in Edinburgh 10 years ago is still just a 12-year-old bottle. The Vermouth can go, though, if it's been open for longer than three months — so store your next bottle in the fridge.

Liqueurs should be thrown out if they were opened more than a couple of years ago. To make things easier some brands, like Baileys, actually list an expiration date on the bottle. Sherries and ports are very delicate and once opened last only a few fleeting days or, at most, weeks. Anything older than two months needs to go.

Oxygen is no friend of alcohol. The less liquid left in a bottle the faster you should finish it. Take off the cap and take a whiff. If you don't like the smell it needs to head for the can, otherwise start pouring.


PhotoHopefully you aren't eating your make up. It does have an expiration date though. Here are some rules of face painting. 

You can often safely store unopened cosmetics for a long time in a dark, cool place, such as a drawer or closet. However, once a product has been opened and used, oxidation begins and bacteria can spread.

Mascara can be kept for 3-6 months. It is one of the most volatile products in any beauty kit. If mascara smells or changes texture, throw it out to avoid a bacterial invasion.

Eye shadow is good for about six months (cream) to two years (powder). Although eye shadow tends to last longer than other types of makeup, you should still watch for signs of wear. Toss eye shadow when pigments change or if you notice waxy buildup.

Lipstick can last 2 years. But although lipstick can last quite a while, remember that it contains water, moisturizers and hydrators and is easily infiltrated by bacteria. When it smells like crayons, it's time to toss.

Spice of life

The shelf life of spices varies, and you never really need to worry about them going “bad” like other foods do. For example, a bottle of curry powder that’s been around a questionable amount of time probably won’t make you sick … it will just be less potent.

Lots of people use a “six-month rule” when it comes to discarding most spices. Mccormick, the spice people, really give you a long leeway with their products. To put it simply when you buy spices you get your money's worth. Ground spices last 3-4 years, whole spices, 4 years, seasoning blends 1-2 years.

Your pillow

You know, that fluffy thing you rub your head on all night. Within two years pillows used every day lose their stuffing and become thin and bumpy. Fold your pillows in half, and if they stay folded, it's time to toss. They never come back once you wash them. Time for new if it folds in two.

Pearly whites

PhotoYour toothbrush lasts longer then you may think. All that Italian sauce on your pizza and the blue cotton candy from the fair seem to keep your brush pretty busy but it has a shelf life of 3-4 months. After that it's time to toss and floss.

These are just some of the things lying around the house that may need to get the heave-ho. Look closely once you start you may find a treasure trove of expired items -- and how exciting that is because now you can go out and start to replace them!

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