Eating yogurt daily may help manage high blood pressure, study finds

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Experts say consuming more dairy can help people who struggle with hypertension

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of South Australia explored how eating more dairy may come with some health benefits. According to their findings, eating yogurt on a daily basis may help consumers manage high blood pressure

“Dairy foods, especially yogurt, may be capable of reducing blood pressure,” said researcher Dr. Alexandra Wade. “This is because dairy foods contain a range of micronutrients, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all of which are involved in the regulation of blood pressure. 

“Yogurt is especially interesting because it also contains bacteria that promote the release of proteins, which lowers blood pressure.” 

Benefits of eating more yogurt

The researchers analyzed data from over 900 people enrolled in the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study. Participants answered questions about their typical diets, and the researchers tracked their blood pressure readings over time. 

Ultimately, they learned that eating yogurt daily provided blood pressure benefits. Those who consumed higher quantities of yogurt also had better blood pressure readings over the course of the study. 

“This study showed for people with elevated blood pressure, even small amounts of yogurt were associated with lower blood pressure,” Dr. Wade said. “And for those who consumed yogurt regularly, the results were even stronger, with blood pressure readings nearly seven points lower than those who did not consume yogurt.” 

Moving forward, the researchers hope more work is done to identify potential treatments for those struggling with high blood pressure. 

“High blood pressure is the number one risk factor for cardiovascular disease, so it’s important to find ways to reduce and regulate it,” said Dr. Wade. 

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