PhotoCloud storage company Dropbox has announced it will streamline its business to start 2016, and two of its popular apps, Mailbox and Carousel, will be casualties.

Mailbox, its email program, will go dark February 26. Carousel, a photo sharing app, will follow suit March 31. Dropbox announced the move on its company blog.

“In 2013, we acquired Mailbox because we believed in the way it was making mobile email better,” the company said. “In 2014, we launched Carousel to create a new way to experience and share photos. With both, we aspired to extend the simplicity of Dropbox to other parts of our users’ lives."

Tough choices

Dropbox says part of developing and introducing new products is making tough choices. It says that over the last few months, the company has focused on different areas, and therefore made the “difficult decision” to shut down Mailbox and Carousel.

In comments posted on the company blog, it was clear it was not a popular decision with users.

“Come on, I've been using Mailbox since launch,” wrote a poster named James. “I remember waiting in the line and checking daily to see how much higher on the list I got. This is depressing. Mailbox is the best mail app I've ever used. What's a good alternative?”

“Lame move”

“Lame move, I love and use Mailbox everyday,” wrote another poster named Nicu.

Dropbox said it will take key features from Carousel and incorporate them into the Dropbox app. It said it will also take what has been learned from Mailbox to build new ways to communicate and collaborate on Dropbox.

“We’re committed to making the transitions from these products as painless as possible,” the company said.

TechCrunch reports it had seen signs for weeks that the plug was about to be pulled. It said Mailbox had not been updated since July and that a lot of questions from frustrated users went unanswered. It said Carousel saw very little updating after it was introduced last year.

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