PhotoMany homes have a burglar alarm, either electronic or maybe a four-legged one that gives out a big bellowing bark. And everyone has virus protection on their computer, right? 

But these days, alarms and anti-spy gear may not be the only thing you need to make sure that no one is watching your every move. Drones can take pictures, record images and probably record conversations from far away. may be the answer. It can establish a No Fly Zone above your house. It's a free service and it basically claims to prevent drones from flying over your property. The company's website does say that it may offer a premium service someday -- one you have to pay for, in other words.

Maybe the Secret Service should look into this and enter 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW? A drone being operated by a drunken intelligence agency employee landed on the White House lawn a few weeks ago. 

For the rest of us, you just enter a few details online and your property will be included in the NoFlyZone database. Of course, only participating drone manufacturers and operators voluntarily agree to respect your desires and no one can guarantee that all drones will be prevented from flying over your property. But it's at least a start.

Drone manufacturers and operators say they want to take a proactive step to self-regulate and deliver quality products and services while minimizing negative consequences so they have created this database of no-drone-zones.

Good idea but, of course, it does put all of your info into yet another computer database.

It's a pretty simple operation, really. Enter the data and the site figures out your home's GPS coordinates. That's relayed to drone manufacturers and operators and a "geofence" is created above your house.

And don't worry about shutting yourself off forever from a Dominos pizza delivery or a pack of paper towels from Amazon. When drone delivery starts in earnest, you'll be able to enter exceptions in your private no fly zone.

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