A class action lawsuit claims a doorway pull-up bar sold by Implus sporting goods can detach from the door frame, throwing the exerciser to the ground.

Lead plaintiff Matthew Weininger claims that "top leverage doorway bars" are defectively designed and can injure or kill users.

The bars are installed over the top of a doorframe and allegedly use the exerciser's weight to keep the bar in place as the bar pushes against the wall in both directions, Courthouse News Service reported.

Weininger says that, to maintain their grip on the door frame, the bars require the user to maintain a completely vertical position, something he says most people can't do since the body's natural inclination is for the legs to swing forward on the way up and backward on the way down.

This creates a "pendulum like effect" that can cause the bar to detach, Weininger argues.

He is represented by attorney Gene Stonebarger, of Folsom, Calif.

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