Don’t forget – the last big sale of the season happens Monday.

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Cash back? Yep. Price matching? A good chance on that, too.

Green Monday is only days away and if you’re running behind on holiday gifts, it is – most definitely – the last big sale of the season. 

On top of the best categories to shop and the biggest deals to be had, also let ConsumerAffairs in on some new insights about what specials the big retailers have to offer on Green Monday.

Top Green Monday 2022 sales

Here’s the A to Z (well, actually W) on what retailers are putting on sale for their own version of Green Monday:

Amazon: As usual, techy things – especially Alexa-driven ones – lead the way at Amazon on Green Monday, but says there are also good prices on home goods and toys. Keep this link handy for Green Monday to find out what Amazon has specifically for that day.

If you want to be an early bird, ConsumerAffairs found a way you might be able to get an advance peek at what Amazon will offer on Monday. At this link, you'll know how long before certain items will go on sale. If you go in on Sunday and start clicking forward on the page list at the bottom until you find out what deals go live 12-24-hours from then, you might be able to find out. Might…

Best Buy: DealNews' Shannon Flynn says that tech will rule the roost at Best Buy, too, and expects deals on everything from Roombas to tablets and 4K TVs.

eBay: Since eBay is the company that came up with Green Monday in the first place, it, too, will have lots of things on sale. Exactly what though hasn’t been divulged, but DealNews says shoppers should expect everything from apparel to electronics. Keep this link handy to find out exactly what on Monday.

Kohl's: More apparel, more accessories, more home goods, and more smart home devices are what’s expected from Kohl’s on Green Monday. Here’s the link that’ll get you to those deals on December 12. The company is also offering free shipping with a minimum purchase and an extra 15% off when someone signs up for e-mail newsletters.

Macy's: Macy’s is already letting the Green Mondays cat out of the bag and has posted its sale items beforehand. When ConsumerAffairs reviewed what Macy’s was offering, it was pretty much everything in the store – men’s apparel, women’s apparel, shoes, home goods, jewelry, handbags, and beauty items (perfume, for example). Many of the prices we saw were slashed by at least 50% and some up to 70%.

Rakuten: Rakuten isn’t a retailer, per se, but it does aggregate deals so consumers can find options from a variety of major retailers and brands all in one place. On its special Green Monday site, ConsumerAffairs found lots of “cash back” offers like 8% back from Nike, not to mention a way to score an iPhone 14 Pro, Apple watch SE, iPad, & Beats Fit Pro free (of course, for a limited time, some exclusions apply, see store for details caveats).

Target: Much like Macy’s, Target is expected to feature tons of deals and discounts on products from just about every department of the store on Green Monday. BlackFriday deal watchers suggest keeping a special eye on the retailer’s special “Deal of the Day” to enjoy even more savings.

Walmart: Walmart is keeping its Green Monday deal cards close to its chest, but BlackFriday’s sales analysts predict that the big winners will be those shopping for toys, tech, and home items. 

Don’t forget about price matching!

When ConsumerAffairs went looking for anything we may have missed, the KrazyCouponLady brought up a nuance that shoppers might be able to use to leverage even more deals -- price matching!

“Use price matching to your advantage during the second Monday in December. If one retailer isn’t running a deal but another is, consider a price match,” she said.

“Many retailers don’t offer a Black Friday price match, but since Green Monday is so far past Black Friday, you might luck out and be able to request a competitor’s price.”

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