Photo“Your driver’s license has been suspended. You will be arrested. You will be deported. We are on our way to your home right now.” These are just a few of the threats that scammers are making against hundreds of Fairfax County, Va., residents over the past several weeks.

Police warn consumers not to fall prey to these scammers and to notify police of these criminal incidents.

These telephone scammers are described as demanding, aggressive, threatening, and easily angered when callers don’t immediately agree to their demands of “overdue tax balances.” Some complainants have described the suspects as having a heavy accent.

Typically, callers demand between $4,000-$6,000 in immediate payment of unpaid tax bills. These scams are sophisticated and involve false names, numbers and “IRS” badge numbers. Suspects often continue to call and harass the recipient.

What to do

Police urge residents to:

  • Contact IRS is you feel there is any discrepancy with your tax bills.
  • Use these numbers to contact IRS if you feel you are being scammed: 
  • Be skeptical if someone demands you pay overdue with a Green Dot Moneypack;
  • Report suspicious or harassing calls to your local police.

Remember, once money has been wired, it is impossible to recover.

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