PhotoIn the 1990s, Seinfeld was famous for being a “show about nothing.” In some ways it was the precursor to reality television, as viewers watched the aimless and often pointless lives of the show's characters.

The show about nothing was a ratings smash and remains a cult favorite today, nearly 20 years after it went off the air. Caroline Marshall, a self-identified experiential learning expert, says doing nothing is not such a bad thing.

People today, she says, are striving for peak performance that is getting harder to achieve because they are not stopping, unplugging, and becoming completely still. Women in particular, she says, are striving to be all things to everyone at all times and are finding it harder to cope.

“Often women are working full time, managing the role of homemaker and carer for the children whilst still being expected to stay fit and healthy,” Marshall said. “Women are risking their Mental Health daily to achieve goals which society is setting for them.”

Zen-like reflection

So how do you up your game in today's hyper-competitive environment? Perhaps you could benefit from a little Zen-like reflection on current circumstances and where you want to go.

Marshall says high performing women have learned that having a practical plan that allows for some personal downtime makes success more likely.

She explains how she breaks away for short periods, going on overnight hikes, which allow her to re-focus her life and make small changes that result in peak performance.

“While some stress can help you kick-butt, when your body goes into fight-or-flight mode, daily stress can mess with your mind and body in serious ways, often resulting in Mental health issues,” she said. “Getting away into the bush allows me to go offline to focus on my own well-being and mindfulness.”


Her advice? Interacting with nature can be a big boost. A kayaking outing is great, but so is a simple walk.

In addition, she suggests getting up earlier each day, meditating, and, yes, maybe finding a coffee shop where you can meet friends and just do nothing.

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