PhotoTurn, a digital advertising company, has bowed to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that it continued tracking consumers even after they opted out of online tracking and then misrepresented its actions to those consumers.

The Redwood City, Calif., company uses technology that enables advertisers to target digital ads to consumers through their mobile devices. Its privacy policy told consumers they could block targeted ads by using their web browser to block or limit cookies.

But the FTC charges that Turn used unique identifiers to track tens of millions of Verizon Wireless customers, even after they blocked or deleted cookies from websites. The opt-out mechanism also only applied to mobile browsers.

The FTC consent order bars Turn from misrepresenting the extent of its online tracking or the ability of users to limit or control the company’s use of their data. Turn also must provide an effective opt-out for consumers who do not want their information used for targeted advertising and place a prominent hyperlink on its home page that takes consumers to a disclosure explaining what information the company collects and uses for targeted advertising

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