PhotoIf you doubt that concern over animal cruelty has become a mainstream consumer issue, consider how very quickly Nestle (which owns DiGiornio frozen pizza) ended its business relationship with Wisconsin dairy supplier Wiese Brothers Farm, after an animal-rights group called Mercy for Animals shot undercover video showing appalling scenes of cruelty toward the cows at the farm.

Mercy for Animals turned the video over the NBC News, which broke the story on Dec. 10, and DiGiornio almost immediately announced that it had ceased doing business with Wiese Brothers Farm, which in turn said it fired the employees responsible.

Law enforcement is currently investigating the animal cruelty charges, and Wise Brothers is said to be fully cooperating with the investigation.

Meanwhile, Nestle said in a statement that “We will not knowingly work with companies that violate our Responsible Sourcing Guidelines,” which the company adopted last year.

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