PhotoSporting goods retailer Dick's Sporting Goods is relaunching its Rewards of Sport Credit Cards, issued by Synchrony Bank.

The company said it would continue to offer two different cards under the program. One – the Rewards of Sport Credit Card – remains a private label card for use at all Dick's Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, and Golf Galaxy locations.

The Rewards of Sport MasterCard is a more general purpose card. It can be used at all the same locations, in addition to any other retail location that accepts Mastercard.

Dick's says its cardholders will get some new benefits under the relaunch, including 10% back in rewards on in-store purchases the first day the account is active.

Periodically, consumers using the card may have the option of financing in-store purchases.

Cardholders will also still get upgraded ScoreCard Rewards benefits on purchases. They include 6% back in rewards on routine in-store purchases and 1% back in rewards on purchases in other stores where MasterCard is accepted. That benefit will apply only to Rewards of Sport MasterCard holders.

Other store-issued cards

Store-issued credit cards have become more common in recent years, with retailers using them as a means to build brand loyalty. Some are more rewarding than others, but consumers who choose a store-issued card should make sure the store is a place they shop frequently.

In its analysis of store-issued credit cards, Consumer Reports says most store-issued credit cards carry interest rates much higher than you would pay on other cards. If you are in the habit of paying the balance in full, each month, it's not really an issue.

Often retailers will offer an attractive discount of 15% or so on whatever you happen to be buying if you apply for their card on the spot. While that might be tempting if you are making a very large purchase, consumers should guard against opening too many credit card accounts because of the potential negative impact it can have on credit scores.

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