PhotoSummertime will be over in a little over a month, which means now is a fine time to get outside and participate in all of the sports you like to play.

Of course you can still enjoy a lot of sports during the fall and winter months, but there's something about warm and sunny weather that can give you a lot of energy. In addition, it's just nicer to spend time outdoors when the sun is shining. 

And though most people who are physically active don't rely on gadgets to assist them, some folks don't mind buying an electronic or two. Plus, some gadgets are just fun to have when you're playing a sport. At times they can make playing something that much more fun. 

Take the GameDay Basketball Scoreboard for $34.95 on Amazon for example. It attaches to the pole of your driveway basketball hoop so you can keep score from 0 to 99. And it has a countdown clock so kids don't have to yell, "3, 2, 1" when they're pretending to make a last-second shot.

PhotoPlayers can either set the clock for a six-minute game, a 12-minute game or an 18-minute game, and it keeps score for games like Horse, Pig and free throw contests. 

Plus, the scoreboard comes with a referee button that you can hit when you get fouled. Once you hit the button, a ref's voice will yell out a call, bringing a little NBA reality to a driveway pickup game. But the younger ones will probably use this feature more than adults will.

Camera snorkel

And for amateur divers, there's the hands-free Liquid Image Explorer Series Mask for $98.95, on the site The half-camera half-snorkel lets you take stills and videos underwater up to 15-feet deep, and it comes with a USB cable so you can watch the footage on TV.

The makers of the camera say it can hold more than 1,000 photos and can capture about 40 minutes of video per 1GB of memory.

But the main thing folks will probably want to know is if the camera takes good photos and videos. Here's what one user had to say:

Photo"The pictures taken from the camera are decent (and some were great) and the videos taken provide good memories," the user wrote.

"I suggest taking 30 second or longer videos. The film camera pictures were grainer and had a lower percentage worth saving. Before using the mask in the water, I would tinker around with the buttons so you know what you're hitting so you can snap away underwater."

"But keep in mind also that it's digital, so snap away to your heart's content, and then go back to the surface and make sure you're on the setting you want," wrote the user.

Wet balls

Now fortunately, there are several cameras on the market that work well in water, but you can't say the same thing about tennis balls. Once they're wet, they're pretty much useless until they're able to dry. And even then they can remain heavy and lose a lot of bounce.


So to help speed up the drying process, you can look into the Tennis Ball Dryer, made in England. It dries your tennis balls in a few hours and restores them back to almost new, saving you money and the trouble of buying new tennis balls every time they get wet.

The dryer comes in the form of a small carrying strap with four tennis ball compartments, and the company says it's created a special 3-layer drying system that extracts moisture from each ball. 

And the carrying bag has a built-in net measure so you can make sure the height of the net is accurate. And the company says it has a cooling agent inside, so you can store drinks and keep them chilled.

The Tennis Ball Dryer goes for about £15, which is a little over $23 at the moment, and the shipping will cost you an additional $10 or so, which isn't that bad for an overseas mailing.

So before the weather gets a little cooler and tennis courts and golf courses get a little less enticing, you might want to look into a few of these gadgets. They just might make your sport or activity a little more enjoyable. 

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