PhotoIn the past, there’s always been a notable excitement and anticipation whenever a new phone technology is becoming available. This is perhaps doubly true for fans of Apple products, who aren’t unfamiliar with camping out for hours in order to be first in line.

And while the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been received with some positivity (certainly more than Samsung’s defective Note 7), there are still some notable bugs that consumers have run into with the new devices.

Reports indicate that there are currently two bugs affecting the new Apple products; the first is a problem with the phones’ signal, and the second is a glitch with the new Lightning Earpods, which were a source of contention leading up to the release.

Service disruption

Consumers who have cited service issues say that the problem centers around the devices’ ability to recover from Airplane Mode. Reports indicate that the new phones take much longer to recover signal after Airplane Mode is switched off.

In a YouTube video, user Loay Oweis compares the recovery speed of the iPhone 7 with an iPhone 6S sitting right next to it. After turning off Airplane Mode on both phones, the 6S recovers signal and 4G service right away, but iPhone 7 shows a “No Service” indicator for around a minute.

Apple has stated that it is investigating the problem, but it recommends that consumers try turning their phones off and then back on to see if signal is regained more quickly. If that doesn’t work, the company says removing the SIM card before turning the phone back on should do the trick.

Losing control

In a separate issue, consumers are saying that they are losing control of their phones whule using the new Lightning EarPods. Reports specify that the remote control buttons on the headphones malfunction after the EarPods have been in use for a few minutes.

This lack of control leads to a couple of odd effects. Users have said that their phones will randomly play and pause songs, the volume  and Siri is activated and deactivated intermittently. Trying to fix the problem by using the actual device proves to be difficult, since the buttons have seized up.

Apple has stated that this glitch occurs because of a problem with the headphone software. It says that it will be providing a fix for the problem in a future update.

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