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Consumers can receive free mental health screenings with CVS Health

Project Health already offers free biometric screenings that can affect consumers’ long-term health outcomes

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Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, CVS Health has chosen this time to help customers consider their mental health and the treatments and resources that are available to them.  

Through Project Health, its free, community-based health screening program, CVS Health will offer free mental health screenings at all of its community events. 

“Our events now serve more communities than ever, tapping into our CVS Pharmacy footprint and a vast network of local organizations to host our mobile units and help ensure transportation is not a barrier to receiving health services,” said Sheryl Burke, senior vice president of corporate social responsibility. “We’re also broadening our services to include mental health screenings as we continue to see a need for accessible mental health care across the country.” 

Expanding access to physical and mental health care

Currently, Project Health offers free physical health screenings and other resources, including blood pressure, glucose, smoking cessation counseling, body mass index (BMI), cholesterol, diabetes resources, individual health access plans, and professional consultations. 

At these community events, consumers don’t need to pay and they don’t need to have health insurance. These resources can help detect serious health conditions that can have long-term consequences on consumers’ overall wellness. 

Project Health will now also include mental health screenings in its repertoire. Health professionals will be able to have patients complete questionnaires and other assessments to assess their mood, anxiety, and depression. Then, nurse practitioners will be available to answer questions or recommend the next steps for further mental health resources. 

Mental health resources

For those looking for mental health resources in perhaps a more discreet manner, Project Health has an online platform that can be helpful. 

There are mental health awareness guides for parents and caregivers, LGTBQ+ youth and adults, and young adults, as well as resources for substance abuse, suicide prevention, depression screenings, finding a therapist, and more. 

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