Chrysler recalls 12,000 model year 2021-2022 Ram ProMasters

Photo source: Ram

The left turn signal and taillight may fail

Chrysler is recalling 12,375 model year 2021-2022 Ram ProMasters.

The wiring harness may have a poor connection, which can cause the left taillight and left turn signal to become inoperative.

A left turn signal that doesn’t work may not notify other drivers of a turning vehicle, while an inoperative left taillight can reduce the vehicle's visibility to other drivers.

Both situations can increase the risk of a crash.

What to do

The remedy is under development.

Notification letters are expected to be mailed to owners May 3, 2024.

Owners may contact Chrysler customer service at (800) 853-1403. Chrysler's number for this recall is 21B.

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