PhotoIt feels like Christmas day is just minutes away, although in reality we have a few days left.

And though that’s not a lot of time for us guys to buy gifts for our spouses or girlfriends, there’s still a little time to get something really nice if we apply ourselves.

Let’s face it --  a lot of men kick up their level of procrastination a notch or two during the holiday season.

Maybe it’s because we dread the craziness that’s associated with holiday shopping or maybe we’re still unsure of what to buy. Sometimes our tendency to procrastinate when buying a gift is fueled by our indecision.

And if you thought of jumping online and purchasing something onlinem,  it’s far from certain that the gift will arrive by December 25, so at this juncture, it might be best to do something for your significant other instead of just buying something.

Of course you can just run out and pick up a piece of jewelry or some type of clothing if you want, since going that route usually doesn’t take a bunch of planning or searching, but if you want to get something that will be more memorable for her, it’ll require a little bit of action on your part to go along with that gift you buy.

A romantic dinner

Here’s a thought -- imagine it’s already Christmas Eve, and your mate comes home to a romantic dinner for two.

Whether you’re able to cook well or not, you can order a gourmet meal from the website, which is still buying something for gift, but at least the gift is a little left field and requires a bit of thoughtful action on your part.


And if you take a couple of minutes to create a personal dinner invitation  beforehand, it will only help you pull off your romantic dinner that much more. 

The meal site contains a host of tasty-looking dishes that are made for two, including a Lobster feast, a New York-styled steak dinner with romantic themed desserts and French rack of lamb. Each romantic meal comes with a bottle of wine too.

Overall, SendAMeal has tons of meal options for just about any occasion and the company says each meal comes frozen, except the live lobsters.  Preparation requires about 30 minutes of heating time before you serve.

In addition, you can either order the meal online or over the telephone and prices start around $60 and can go as high as $200 depending on what you purchase. Shipping costs aren’t included.

But if you don’t feel like doing the whole romantic meal thing on Christmas Eve, you can also purchase a gift voucher on the site, so your mate can choose when she wants her gourmet meal to be delivered.

Movie marathon

PhotoAnother romantic thing to do instead of just buying something this year, is to gather your mate's favorite selection of movies, include some wine and finger foods, and have a cozy holiday movie marathon.

Obviously, it’s very easy to put something like this together, as it will require just a little planning on your part to either secure the proper DVDs or make sure each movie is available for streaming with your Netflix package, assuming that you’re a customer.

And the movies don’t even have to be her favorites. You can easily put together a movie night surrounding the films that she planned to see or expressed a desire to see eventually. The mere attempt of your trying to gather the movies she has mentioned in the past through casual conversation will speak louder than you think it will.

You should also choose her favorite finger foods and snacks for the movie night, along with the wine that she typically fancies, even if you don't like it. You can also do a little extra planning to set up a cozy surrounding with candles and the whole nine yards, which will set the mood perfectly. 

Mood music

PhotoAnother romantic thing to do this holiday season instead of just buying her the new iPod Touch, is getting the device and loading it with a combination of her favorite songs and songs from your relationship.

Currently, Apple is selling the Touch for about $300 for the 32 GB version and $400 for the 64 GB. 

And sure, iPods aren’t as popular as they used to be since smartphones have taken over, but there’s still something nice about owning a device that’s only for music, so you don’t have to rummage through a bunch of icons and applications to play your favorite tunes.

Also, by putting your spouse or girlfriend's favorite songs on the device, you’ll be showing that you put in the time to not only gather each song, but you were also attentive enough to remember each song that's dear to her.

And since men are stereotyped to be deficient in the area of holding on to romantic memories, perhaps your mate will be completely blindsided by the gift idea, which makes giving someone a gift that much better, doesn’t it?

The iPod Touch also shouldn’t be too hard to find, because although it’s on a lot of people’s gift lists this year, Apple usually does a pretty good job of keeping its shelves stocked, especially during the holiday season.


PhotoThis last gift idea might be a little on the mushy side, but always avoiding mushiness is what sometimes gets us guys in hot water with our ladies.

A good way of embracing that ultra-romantic side of yourself is by putting together a booklet that contains everything from scheduled events in the future that you have planned for her, to poems, photos and romantic writings that you put together yourself.  

For example, if you have small children, one of the book’s pages can show a day or an entire weekend that you plan to take the kids, so your mate can enjoy some alone time or get the chance to hang out with her friends for an extended amount of time.

Another page in the booklet can show a specific time that you plan a special evening out or even better, a romantic evening in. Other pages can have poems and photos of you two together and you can jot down memories or silly little captions next to those photos.

I know the whole booklet thing sounds a little teeny-boppish, but sometimes we have to go back to our younger selves to really channel that feeling of innocent romance.

But it’s possible that your significant other isn’t really the romantic type in the traditional sense, so in that case, you’ll have to tweak your idea or go another route from the suggestions listed here.

But whatever gift you decide to get your significant other this holiday season, always keep in mind that what you do will always say more than what you buy. And the memory will last longer too.

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